How long does it take to implement VreiMeniu ?

This can vary depending on the scale of the implementation and the operator’s ability to secure all needed resources (menu copy, plated images, branding elements and correct system requirements) as well as operator input. Typically, however, it takes if we have all data in 2-3 days to fully implement.

Can I customize VreiMeniu for my entire menu and use my existing branding ?

Since the menu listings and branding are controlled in the cloud-based control panel, your branding and full menu implementation is done with relative ease.

Is the hardware provided ?

Because VreiMeniu is just a software application, operators are responsible for leasing or buying what type of tablet/pad they desire.

Can games or other apps be installed on the tablets/pads ?

VreiMeniu is software on the device so operators can choose to allow their guests to use other features of the tablet/pad, including games, music, browsing, etc. Ultimately, your operation is responsible for all security and access of their devices and network

VreiMeniu offer on line ordering systems ?

Yes. VreiMeniu offers its own integrated online ordering platform which directly transfer orders to your terminal.

How do I manage my orders, sales and other data remotely ?

The VreiMeniu Dashboard allows you to access all of your data anytime, anywhere. View and update info online

Does the staff require any technical experience to manage or use the VreiMeniu ?

VreiMeniu offers a simple easy to use interface that can be used by anyone and has no learning curve what so ever.
For changing or updating menu, all you have to do is access the online menu dashboard from which changing items and updating prices quick and easy.

Do I need to contact a graphic expert for updating pictures and look ?

You do not have to hire or contact any expert when it comes to updating pictures or overall theme. Changing pictures and restaurant logo in VreiMeniu comes with easy to use system where you just have to select the right picture and it will update it automatically across all menus

What kind of Restaurant type VreiMeniu made for ?

VreiMeniu can be adapted into any restaurant type, it is made with features which can be changed and tweaked suiting your restaurant needs.
Whether you are a coffee shop or a fining dining restaurant, VreiMeniu will help your restaurant to increase efficiency and offer a new unique experience to your customers.

What size tablet should the restaurant adapt for VreiMeniu ?

VreiMeniu supports all tablets regardless of their size and it will offer same uniform experience across.

Restaurants can adapt multiple size tablets for example, in the bar section they could offer 7-inch tablets that is usually preferred by the bar staff as it is compact and easier to carry around and offer 10-inch tablet in the dining section offering more robust menu items as it gives servers or guests better experience.

Is Internet connectivity required ?

Internet is only required when updating the menu and send the orders to the kitchen, you do not require internet connection to actually run the menu itself.